Help Me Bounce

Our Purpose

We believe that every family should be given the gift of time to be with their loved one during a medical crisis. By providing the support they need to pay their major bills, we are able to provide that time and peace of mind so that family members can stay by their loved one's side.

Families apply for aid on Help Me Bounce and are approved based on our program guidelines.  To begin their campaign, families create funding goals indicating what they are raising money for, for how much, and for how long.

Our Purpose
How It Works

No matter the illness, no matter the injury, no matter the income - we help families "Bounce and Not Break!" Harnessing the power of the community and technology, we are reimagining how non-profits support families. Donors can now have a direct impact on thousands of families across the country, in exactly the way they choose, with 100% assurance that 100% of your donation will go directly to where it was intended.


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Our Superheroes

Each day, we encounter families that inspire us with their courage and their drive to #FightOn. Not just the children in this video, but the mothers and fathers who face their own medical crisis each day. YOU are our superheroes, and we salute you! We invite you to watch "Our Superheroes," and get to know some of the incredible families we've been honored to serve.

**Please note that Help Me Bounce applications are carefully screened to prevent any fraudulent activity. All attempts to host a fraudulent campaign - including, but not limited to, false claims of illness or injury, impersonating a medical professional to verify an illness or injury, or providing false information for a 3rd party servicer in funding goal information - will be denied and reported to the appropriate authorities for prosecution.