Why Spare Key Launched Help Me Bounce

Author  Sarah Putnam   on  10/14/2022 - 7:29am
Five years ago, Spare Key started to look at new way of giving.


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We started looking at the shifting demographics of donors and the FACT that people’s giving patterns have changed significantly in the last few years. Individuals wanted to donate differently. They were beginning to spread out their contributions to make a bigger impact with multiple great causes. Gone were the days where people pulled out their checkbook at the end of the year to write out one or two big checks to the same nonprofits they’ve supported all their lives.

People were donating throughout the year. They were giving directly to individuals they knew through crowdsourcing platforms like “GoFundMe”. They were giving items to families in need they found in Facebook Groups. They were giving meals to a homeless person on the street.

People wanted to make a bigger impact with their donated dollars.

We realized that in order to reach our goal of helping an unlimited number of families anywhere in the country with ANY type of expense being negatively impacted by their medical crisis, we needed a tool that gave us the ability for that level of support.

That’s what we accomplish with the Help Me Bounce platform.

Help Me Bounce harnesses technology and the power of community giving to create a tool for families to get the help they desperately need. Financial help towards their bills so they can spend precious time with their loved ones.

But, we went further than just creating a tool that’s beneficial to families. We wanted donors to have full confidence in giving to Help Me Bounce. This is why our model provides 100% transparency into donated funds. 100% of those donations go to the family in need and these donations go directly towards their bills. Donors are able to donate any amount of money… $10, $25, $500 and see it’s having a direct and immediate impact on that family that’s facing medical crisis. THAT is extremely powerful for donors. They are immediately making a difference in helping THAT family with their bills so they can concentrate on what truly matters: their loved one’s health and recovery.

This is why we made the pivotal shift to Help Me Bounce, fully launching our new way of giving in 2019. And this is why we are continually spreading the word about the evolution of Spare Key towards Help Me Bounce.

It’s important. It’s essential.

Spare Key has embraced a new era of giving. One that gives the power to donors. The power to choose where 100% of their donations go with 100% confidence it’s being used towards the purpose intended.

If you believe in a new era of giving, then find a family today.

Find a family facing a disease that has impacted your family. Find a family in your state. Find a family that speaks to you. And help them. Donate towards their bills. Give them a reason to smile today. Give them the opportunity to stay with their loved one instead of worrying over bills. Give them a little more hope.

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