Help Me Bounce Q&A Series: Creating A Profile

Author  Angela Frazier   on  05/11/2023 - 11:02am

Here at Spare Key, each member of the team understands what a privilege it is to help so many families. We share the same goal of bringing hope back into the lives of as many families as possible. I believe this is what makes our team so strong. We keep that goal in for forefront of our minds as we continue to work towards finding ways to better support our community. Each day we contribute ideas, discuss options, and focus on making new connections.

We take the success stories, and issues our families may have had, and examine how to improve every journey through our Help Me Bounce platform.

No matter if you are a participant in the program, one of our generous donors, or a visitor to the site, we work endlessly to improve every experience.

One way I contribute towards this mission is through this Help Me Bounce Blog Q&A Series. Each month I highlight the unique purpose behind each section of our program and answer your most frequently asked questions. In todays installment, I will focus on the Profile Section of a family’s Help Me Bounce Campaign. I will explain what information is needed, what is shared, how to process steps, and why this section is so important in the success of your campaign.


Creating a profile on Help Me Bounce


While your funding goals indicate what bills you need assistance with, the social worker request is how your medical professional verifies your medical crisis, and the application collects your demographic information; the profile section is where your personality can shine through. This is where you get to share your story.

And this is where you can make a real connection with those individuals on Help Me Bounce viewing your campaign.

Your profile is the one place on your campaign that allows you to describe your situation in your own words. In the ‘About’ section of your profile, you can express how your medical crisis is affecting your life and share your experience. Through personal details, you can give some background to your situation, and write your story. This in section it goes above and beyond one-word answers and selecting options from a drop-down menu.

A lot of what makes a campaign successful is within the profile section. So, let’s dive in, answer the questions, and hopefully help you complete creating a successful profile!


Q: What information is needed to complete my profile?

A: To enter or edit information within the profile section, you will need to log into your account and select ‘Edit’ under ‘Profile Form Progress’. Here you can enter your name, city, state, and select the illness or injury you are facing. Within the ‘About’ portion of the profile section, you will type up your story. It’s here you can describe what you or your family member is facing and how it has impacted your lives. You will also upload a profile picture in this section (see steps to this process below).

Q: How do I upload a profile picture?
  1. A: When logged into your account, select ‘Edit’ on the right-hand side of the ‘Profile’ section.
  2. Once you are on the profile page, click on ‘Select a file’ under ‘Profile Picture’.
  3. Choose a photo for your profile picture. Important to know:
  • You must have the image available on the device from which you are uploading.
  • Once you select the photo, adjust the focal point by moving the white plus sign (+) within the image.
  1. It takes approximately 30-45 seconds to upload your photo. You will see a thumbnail of your image when it has successfully uploaded.
  2. Select ‘Save and Return to Campaign’. You will receive a notification when you successfully complete this task.
Q: What picture should I choose for my profile?

A: Use a compelling profile picture! The photo you choose can be a main factor of making your family stand out to visitors looking for a family to support. The photo should represent you and your family and how you want the community to view you. Make sure the picture is impactful and take the time to find the right image to use. Try to avoid low resolution, blurry photos.

Q: Why won’t my profile picture save?

A:  Because of size restrictions, you are required to follow these permitted settings: Only upload one file at a time; The image must be under the 100 MB and between 600 x 600 and 2000 x 2000 pixels; We only accept images that are png, gif, jpg, or jpeg files. If the image is within limitations, but not uploading, please contact for further assistance.

Q: Why does my campaign status say ‘In Progress’, but the sections show 100% completed?

A: If your profile status is ‘In Progress’, but showing 100% completion, it means you must select ‘Submit for Review’. Before Spare Key staff can process your application, all sections must be complete and submitted it for review. You will find a red box on the right-hand side of your campaign page that reads ‘SUBMIT CAMPAIGN’. When you select this, you receive an alert ‘Yes, I am ready to Submit this campaign for review by Help Me Bounce’. Only when you are ready, select ‘Submit’. After completing this step, your medical professional will then be sent a verification request.

Q: What causes a request for revision on my campaign?

A: Our Help Me Bounce platform is programmed to send notification to the participants email address anytime a process is completed, or a section requires your attention. Some examples include a new medical professional’s contact information, correct service provider information, verification of funding goal information, or a profile picture. You want to make sure the email address you registered is accessible and to watch for notifications. For requests for revision, you can either reply to the email, or log into your account to make the revisions. Remember to always select ‘Submit for Review’ any time an adjustment has been made to your campaign, so Spare Key staff can review & approve accordingly.

Q: What personal information from my profile is used publicly?

A: Spare Key respects your privacy and we always strive to honor your privacy preferences. The information entered in your profile section is shared publicly on your Help Me Bounce campaign. Your profile shows the applicant’s name, city and state, and what injury or illness is causing their medical crisis. The photo you upload is visible to the public as well as the About section. You can find more details in our Privacy Policy.

Q: Will my profile be shared on social media?

A: Yes. Spare Key shares as many Help Me Bounce campaigns as possible on our social media accounts! We are a crowdfunding non-profit that actively drive donors to the website. Sharing your story allows access to a network of donors. You can find more details in our Terms of Service.

Q: What should I include in my profile story?

A: You want your campaign to stand out, so include details and let your personality show! Share the good and the bad. The more you invest in your profile story, the more likely the community will make an emotional connection. Give them insight to your medical journey. Remember, the visitors on Help Me Bounce are there because they are interested, and the desire to help is there. The key to attracting them is through your story and making a connection. Include details that could help make that connection to your family’s story.

Here are some Tips & Tricks for your Campaign Profile.

Thanks for reading along while I answered our frequently asked questions around creating a profile. We are honored to be a part of your Help Me Bounce journey and wish you the most success for your campaign!


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