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Angela Frazier
Help Me Bounce Program Coordinator

Angela Frazier is Spare Key’s Help Me Bounce Program Coordinator. She started with the nonprofit in 2022 with an extensive career in the airline industry within operations and customer service. Angela was born and lives in the South Suburbs of the Twin Cities, where she has raised her two children. Her oldest child attends FAU in Southern Florida, where the family spends a lot of their free time traveling, to spend time with her. Angela’s hobbies include being outdoors, hiking, riding bikes and camping!

Published On: December 21, 2023
HMB QA Series by Angela
While our platform is a powerful source that allows thousands of donors to support our families on Help Me Bounce, there is so much more that Spare Key does to support the families on our platform! Join me while I provide answers to questions surrounding the sources of funding that are raised on Help Me Bounce and ways Spare Key fulfills their mission in this installment of the Help Me Bounce Q&A Series: Sources Behind Funding Families.
Published On: October 11, 2023
Man staring at computer
At Spare Key, we help families “Bounce and Not Break” through our Help Me Bounce program, assisting families from across the country and in all age brackets. We strive to ensure our platform is the most transparent, user-friendly & convenient place for families facing medical crisis. We have dedicated the Help Me Bounce Q&A Series to answer your questions surrounding our platform and its processes. No matter how tech-savvy you may be, this series was created for a place of reference, no matter the question! Join Angela, as she guides you through the most commonly asked questions (and answers!) surrounding the platform with this installment of Help Me Bounce Q&A Series: Technology Questions.
Published On: August 17, 2023
QandA Series by Angela
Spare Key’s Help Me Bounce Program Coordinator, Angela Frazier, shares her insights on our platform through the Help Me Bounce Q & A Series. Each installment highlights the topics of commonly asked questions. She determines the focus through her daily communication with families and donors on Help Me Bounce. Today she is sharing her insights on gaining and maintaining momentum for families’ campaigns throughout their Help Me Bounce journey.
Published On: June 22, 2023
Writing Your Story by Angela Frazier
Each month, I take this opportunity to write about the processes and offer a deeper view of our Help Me Bounce platform. I’ve dedicating this space to share information I’ve gathered through my role and talking to the families every day. As Help Me Bounce Program Coordinator, this Q&A series has been a great way to highlight areas where we receive the most questions. This month’s installment is geared towards the families on our platform. It’s focused on the importance of writing their story and the impact it makes on their campaign. I hope to continue providing an easy and meaningful experience for everyone who visits the platform with this installment in the Help Me Bounce Q&A Series - Writing Your Story.
Published On: May 11, 2023
Creating a Profile on Help Me Bounce
As the Help Me Bounce Coordinator, one of my responsibilities is to ensure everyone’s experience on our platform is successful. My goal is to provide all visitors to the site the confidence to complete each task with ease. This Help Me Bounce Blog Q&A Series has been the best way for me to achieve this; in dedicating each entry to a specific topic within the program. Each month I collect frequently asked questions about each topic and deliver you the answers. As I continue highlighting the importance of every section within the Help Me Bounce platform and why each step is necessary, I bring you this next installment in the Q&A Series - Creating a profile.
Published On: February 24, 2023
QA Series Requesting Withdrawal
Spare Key’s mission has always been to help families facing medical crises so they can focus on the care and recovery of their loved ones facing unimaginable medical crises. As the Help Me Bounce Program Coordinator, Angela Frazier lives and breathes this mission every day as she works with families to answer any questions they may have about their Help me Bounce Campaign. This is why she focuses her Help Me Bounce blog each month to answering common questions families, donors, or even medical professionals may have about our program! One specific area where she works closely with families is when they are ready to make their first withdrawal from Help Me Bounce! Read on to follow the step-by-step process of how Spare Key pays families' bills through the Withdrawal Funds Process.
Published On: January 19, 2023
Making A Donation
Each month, Spare Key’s Help Me Bounce Program Coordinator, Angela Frazier, provides insight on how our program works through our Help Me Bounce Q&A Series. The focus of each installment changes, but the goal remains the same - providing a place of reference for answers to commonly asked questions. The topic for this month’s installment is making a donation, and the immediate difference it makes for families we support during their greatest time of need. Read on to find answers to your questions about donating to Spare Key and families on Help Me Bounce.
Published On: December 16, 2022
Common questions surrounding medical professional verification
As Help Me Bounce Program Coordinator, Angela Frazier takes note of common questions asked by users of Help Me Bounce. These questions may come from families, donors, or medical professionals. When Spare Key launched our Help Me Bounce Blog, Angela immediately knew she wanted to start a Q&A Series for individuals to reference when they needed additional clarification around the application or donation process. So the Help Me Bounce Q&A Series was born! While every part of the application process is equally important, the medical professional verification portion is different in that it brings a person from outside the organization onto the platform to verify an applicant’s medical situation. In this month’s installment of the series, Angela dives into common questions she hears around this verification process.
Published On: November 3, 2022
Common Questions about Funding Goals
A core goal at Spare Key has always been to support families during unimaginable medical crises. Spare Key accomplishes this mission through our Help Me Bounce platform. This platform gives donors a direct line to make a real and immediate impact on families throughout the nation.

This platform also gives both families and donors clarity and transparency that donated dollars go exactly where they’re intended. Spare Key doesn’t take a cut of any donations raised on Help Me Bounce giving families 100% of donations raised towards their campaign. Spare Key makes payments directly to servicers/providers of the families’ bills giving donors 100% confidence their donations are going where they’re intended. We accomplish this through “Funding Goals”.

In this month’s installment to the Help Me Bounce Q&A Series, Angela explains how Spare Key uses funding goals to provide more transparency and accountability to donations given on Help Me Bounce.
Published On: September 29, 2022
What to have ready when you start an application for aid.
Our Help Me Bounce platform is a powerful resource for families facing medical crises across the nation. We want to reach more families who are facing the unimaginable and help relieve the stress they feel when coping with a medical crisis. My goal is to set up every applicant for success and provide them with confidence throughout their campaign’s journey. This installment to the Help Me Bounce Q & A Series is to prepare you for what is needed and what to expect during the application process. Read on to for everything you need to know before you apply!