Help Me Bounce Q&A Series: Writing Your Story

Author  Angela Frazier   on  06/22/2023 - 11:56am

Spare Key’s mission is to help families facing real hardship pay real bills in real time. We provide that lifeline through our Help Me Bounce platform where we connect families in need with donors that want to help. Our goal is to give as many families as possible access to a network that provides hope and encouragement by relieving the financial stress that follows a medical crisis.

In my role as Help Me Bounce Coordinator, this Q&A Series has been essential in highlighting specific areas on the platform where applicants, participants and donors have questions. Today’s installment is for the families featured on the platform and offers guidance for writing their story. My last blog was about creating a profile, but more of a general view of the section, where today’s focus is solely on the ‘about’ section and delivering a compiling story to connect with our audience.


Writing Your Story by Angela Frazier


Once families are approved, their fundraising campaign is made live and Spare Key helps in the efforts to drive donors to the family’s page on Help Me Bounce. Families are encouraged to blog and share their page throughout their community as Spare Key shares throughout our network as well. Because we give donors the ability to search for a family and choose where they make a direct impact, a family’s story places an important part in the success of the campaign.

When it comes time to write your story, questions often surround what details to include, how much to indulge, and how to ask for help. I have personally gone through a medical situation and know first-hand how hard it is to know what the best approach is for having that discussion.

I am taking my personal experience as well as my professional opinion in delivering each answer, so let’s dive right into “Writing Your Story”!


Q: What information should I share in my story?

A: Whatever you feel comfortable sharing. Every family’s situation is unique. Your story can shine light on the struggles you’ve been faced with, or simply state the medical diagnosis. This space was designed for families to write their story, in their own words. You can use this section to reach out to your community, share the outcome, or explain how the crisis has affected you financially. Click here for more tips & tricks on: The Power of Sharing!

Q: Should I share personal details in my story?

A: If you feel comfortable talking about it, yes! Remember, you want your campaign to stand out! You want to capture the audience and help them connect to your story. Including details about how it has affected your family and how the experience has made you feel, can only increase the possibility of connecting on a personal level. Giving the audience insight to your medical journey allows the opportunity to invest in your story emotionally and invest in your campaign financially. The key to a successful campaign is making a connection through your story! Check out our Tips & Tricks for your Campaign Profile.

Q: Can I change my story?

A: To enter or edit information within the profile section, you will need to log into your account and select ‘Edit’ under ‘Profile Form Progress’ within the ‘About’ portion of the profile section.

But, you may not want to change your story but create a ‘Family Update’ instead. We suggest writing family updates as often as you can. Those following your story appreciate updates on your journey. See below for more details on Family Updates.

Q: How often should I give updates?

A: As often as you can! Keeping your campaign at top of your community’s mind is essential. And every new family update gives you the perfect opportunity to share your campaign profile page with your community again. I know I personally enjoy getting updates from the families I follow and keeps me rooting for them along the way! Check out our tips & tricks about Campaign Blogging

Q: How long does it take for my changes to post?

A: After we review the changes. We ask you allow up to 48 hours for our staff to review all changes. Before we post your changes, everything is reviewed by Spare Key Staff.  Don’t forget, any time you make changes to your campaign, you must submit it for review! You will find a red box on the right-hand side of your campaign page that reads ‘SUBMIT CAMPAIGN’. Then select ‘Yes, I am ready to Submit this campaign for review by Help Me Bounce’. And only after you select the final ‘Submit’, will the Spare Key staff receive the notification to review your changes.

Q: Do I have to share my story on my social media?

A: While it’s not required, it’s strongly encouraged! Help Me Bounce uses the power of crowdfunding to actively drive donors to the website. We find the most successful campaigns share their story regularly. Please know, by publishing a campaign on Help Me Bounce, you agree to Spare Key sharing your story on our social media platforms, email, another marketing efforts to drive donors to the site. Find more details in our Terms of Service.

Q: What information from my story is used publicly?

A: Anything you write within the ‘About’ section is shared on your pubic facing campaign. Spare Key limits the demographic information shared within your application and visitors to your page can only see your name, the city and state you live, and what illness or injury is causing your medical crisis. So, any personal touches belong here. Anything you write in the Profile section will be shared publicly on Help Me Bounce. You can find more details in our Privacy Policy.

Q: How often should I share my campaign?

As often as you can! Let your community know you are still struggling. If you don’t share it, they won’t know! Keep the people who are invested in your story up to date. And every time you share your campaign, encourage your family and friends to do the same. Your loved ones appreciate being informed. I believe that a family reaching out for help is nothing short of courageous. There is no reason to suffer in silence when there is help out there!  You can check out our Family Resources page, where you can find everything you need to know about sharing your campaign.


Thank you for joining me in this installment. I hope I provided you with what you need to write the perfect story for your Help Me Bounce journey. We are honored to be a part of it and hope you invite your family and friends to join in too!


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Angela Frazier
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