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Read family stories and learn about Help Me Bounce enhancements and industry trends

Missouri Growth
Author: Sarah Putnam Published On: June 8, 2023
Growth takes time – ask any business owner. And nonprofits are no different! When Spare Key launched our Help Me Bounce platform back in 2019, we knew we had launched the solution to helping exponentially more families throughout the nation facing medical crises.But that’s when the hard work really began. We needed to register to help families in more states throughout the nation and that takes time. Then, we needed to ensure families actually KNEW about Spare Key and how we can help. We don’t have all the answers yet, but we are continually learning and growing.

2023 Summer Events Blog
Author: Talia Simonett Published On: May 25, 2023
Now that the Groove Gala season has come to an end, how does the Spare Key team fill their days? Trust me, as Spare Key’s Director of Events, I can confidently say now that the sun is out, the fun is just starting. The Spare Key Team has a fun-filled summer planned for you including our fan-favorite golf tournaments and even a birthday party for someone special to Spare Key! Read on to get a sneak peek at what's ahead…
Blog by Alexia Sebesta
Author: Alexia Sebesta Published On: May 18, 2023
Get a glimpse behind the curtain of what it takes to run a successful registration and check out process at an event as big as Spare Key’s Groove Gala! We love seeing our sponsors, board members, and supporters year after year and without our volunteers we could never make this huge undertaking happen so seamlessly!
Creating a Profile on Help Me Bounce
Author: Angela Frazier Published On: May 11, 2023
As the Help Me Bounce Coordinator, one of my responsibilities is to ensure everyone’s experience on our platform is successful. My goal is to provide all visitors to the site the confidence to complete each task with ease. This Help Me Bounce Blog Q&A Series has been the best way for me to achieve this; in dedicating each entry to a specific topic within the program. Each month I collect frequently asked questions about each topic and deliver you the answers. As I continue highlighting the importance of every section within the Help Me Bounce platform and why each step is necessary, I bring you this next installment in the Q&A Series - Creating a profile.
The Hoyle Family
Author: Sarah Putnam Published On: April 27, 2023
As the full Spare Key team wraps up final details from last Saturday’s Groove Gala, presented by Network Title, Inc., Spare Key’s Executive Director, Sarah Putnam, took some time to reflect on the night. The generosity, the sponsors, the volunteers, the attendees, and the Hoyle Family who was able to share their story and their experience on Help Me Bounce. Read on to hear highlights from another incredible celebration of Spare Key’s important work helping families facing unimaginable medical hardship “Bounce and Not Break”!
It Takes A Village
Author: Talia Simonett Published On: April 13, 2023
With the 2023 Groove Gala right around the corner, the Spare Key team is in full Groove Gala planning mode. Read on to hear how Director of Events Talia Simonett is feeling with the big celebration LESS THAN two weeks away!
Behind the Scenes Planning A Silent Auction
Author: Alexia Sebesta Published On: March 17, 2023
Sure, we’ve all seen or been to events with silent auctions. They seem straight forward with items you can bid on to raise funds for the nonprofit putting on the event. But what does it actually take to make a silent auction happen? Turns out it’s a bit more labor intensive than one might think! Read on to learn everything the Spare Key team does each year to ensure our silent auction is a smashing success!
Blog by Sarah Putnam
Author: Sarah Putnam Published On: March 10, 2023
In a sea of incredible nonprofits doing amazing work, Spare Key sets ourselves apart with our mission to help families facing real hardship pay real bills in real time. We provide donors with a direct line to families that need their help the most. Because the reality is that even when a devastating medical crisis hits, the bills don’t stop. Read this week’s Help Me Bounce blog by Executive Director Sarah Putnam to learn more about how Spare Key sets ourselves apart with our Help Me Bounce program.
2023 Groove Gala presented by Network Title, Inc.
2023 Groove Gala Presented By Network Title, Inc.
Author: Talia Simonett Published On: March 3, 2023
Spare Key is hosting our annual Groove Gala, presented by Network Title, Inc. on Saturday, April 22nd, 2023 celebrating 26 years of helping families “Bounce and Not Break” during the most unimaginable time in their lives. The Groove Gala is like no other, including a silent auction, live auction, games, and extraordinary entertainment you won’t want to miss! Read on to learn more about what sets Spare Key’s Groove Gala apart from the rest and how you can join the fun!
QA Series Requesting Withdrawal
Author: Angela Frazier Published On: February 24, 2023
Spare Key’s mission has always been to help families facing medical crises so they can focus on the care and recovery of their loved ones facing unimaginable medical crises. As the Help Me Bounce Program Coordinator, Angela Frazier lives and breathes this mission every day as she works with families to answer any questions they may have about their Help me Bounce Campaign. This is why she focuses her Help Me Bounce blog each month to answering common questions families, donors, or even medical professionals may have about our program! One specific area where she works closely with families is when they are ready to make their first withdrawal from Help Me Bounce! Read on to follow the step-by-step process of how Spare Key pays families' bills through the Withdrawal Funds Process.